Nicaraguan Observations

For the past week, I have had the privilege of visiting churches and work with children in Nicaragua. This has been an amazing trip and we have experienced many amazing things and I want to share just a few with you.

  1. On Thursday, we hiked/climbed 1.5 miles to reach a few houses deep in the woods where some of the poorest families live. We brought them food and water filters as well as the Gospel. The trip was treacherous, climbing up steps carved in the side of a steep wall, traversing river beds (fortunately dry at the time) & climbing through several barbed wire fences. We made it back tired, dirty and sweaty.This morning as we were starting Vacation Bible School I noticed four of the little kids that we had seen at those houses coming out of the woods. I was told that they show up every day for Bible school and there were many who traveled even further, on foot, over that difficult terrain.

    What a stark contrast this is to the typical American “Christian” who won’t go to church if it is raining or if the time of the service isn’t exactly to their liking. Or show up and complain because it’s too cold/hot, the seat is to hard/soft, the music is too loud or they can’t hear.

    The children came because they love Jesus, nothing else mattered. What if we had that dedication?

  2. Before that God gave us the opportunity to present the Gospel of Christ to a group of students at a public school. The children were excited to hear from the “Gringos” and hear more about a Saviour that loves them enough to die for America we gave up the classrooms of America a generation ago to the religion of humanism. Children eager to hear truth are instead feed a constant diet of lies. They are told they can be or do anything they want, knowing that most will fail. Because relying upon ourselves is relying upon very little. Instead they should be told the truth, that they can do amazing things when they follow God’s leading. That He has a plan for them that will far exceed any desires they may have. But instead we subject our children to the teachings of failure.
  3. Also at the school we met a young girl who wanted to sing a song about Jesus for one of our ladies. I overheard the singing and was amazed by how gifted this precious child was. She has been given an amazing gift and is sharing it at every opportunity. God has given us all gifts but few use them to His Glory like this child does.

Thanks to listening/reading to this rambling of thoughts that struck me today. I hope there is something here that is useful to you.

Be good, Pastor Jay

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